The Octave of the Epiphany – Rome 1876

Sant Andrea della Valle
Sant Andrea della Valle

The majority of the Roman postings are either events Mgr Henry O’Bryen was at, or things that were happening in Rome at the time. He  moved to Rome in 1873, and lived there until his death in 1895; “Mgr. O’Bryen had the spiritual care of all the Catholics of English tongue, and the Church of St. Andrea della Valle, parochial for the Piazza di Spagna and its neighbourhood, was that in which he heard confessions.”. He became a papal chaplain to Leo XIII (Cameriere Segreto Sopranumerario) in 1881, and also served as a papal ablegate.

The Tablet Page 17, 15th January 1876

During the Octave of the Epiphany services will be held in the Church of S. Andrea della Valle, Masses in the Oriental Rite being sung  each day at 10 a.m. The sermons at 11 a.m. are thus arranged :

  • In French, on the 6th, Monsignor Monnier, Bishop of  Lydda “in partibus” and Auxiliary of Cambray ;
  • German, on the 7th, Rev. Theodore Peters ;
  • French, on the 8th, Very Rev. J. B. Destomber,  Canon of Cambray;
  • in English, on the 9th, Monsignor Michel Domenec, Bishop of Pittsburg, U.S;
  • in Polish, on the 10th, the Very Rev. Peter Semenenko, Superior General of the Congregation of the Resurrection of Our Lord and Consul  of the Index ;
  • in English, on the 11th, the Rev. Dr. O’Bryen ;
  • in Spanish, on the 12th, the Very Rev. Joseph Saderra ;
  • and in French, on the 13th, Monsignor de Langallerie, Archbishop of Auch.

The altar decorations in the Church of S. Andrea della Valle  have been furnished, as usual, by the munificent care of Prince Torlonia.

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