One of the things I came across quite early on was The Tablet archive, this goes back to about 1840, and is great. When it covers weddings they list all the principal guests, and often what the wedding presents were.

Working on the basis of friends and family at both, it does give some very good hints, and throws up some intriguing links, and some very odd coincidences.

It certainly helps with the O’Bryens, Purssells, and Leschers. My plan is to slowly work through all the ones currently posted to see if I can get a better picture of who’s who, and whether they are friends or relations. I think I’ll keep the annotated versions private at the moment, but I’m happy to add users – just ask.

The weddings I’ve found so far are in no particular order.

Charles Cary Elwes and Edythe Roper Parkington 27th November 1897

Basil O’Bryen and Harriet Burke 1st February 1871

Hugh Burns and Laura Agius  29th April 1903

Frank Purssell and Lily Kuypers  6th June 1896

Alan O’Bryen and Marie Bidwell 3rd May1924

Joseph Walton and Henrietta Stanfield 3rd February1900

Herman Bicknell and Harriet Bagshawe 23rd October1897

Alfred O’Bryen and Daisy Smith 19th May 1901

George Lynch and Mary Lescher 18th October 1902