Portadown News – Interesting Items 1905

Portadown News Saturday 14th October 1905


A constable returning from a police football match at Pontypridd travelled in the same railway compartment as a clergyman, who got out with the wrong bag. The cleric went home with football boots and jersey, and the policeman with cassock and surplice!

A terrier jumped up at Mrs. F. D. Walker in Regent-street, and tore her feather boa, the sleeves of her dress, and her skirt. The lady recovered three guineas damages in the Bloomsbury County court, when the dog’s owner admitted that the animal had “a silly – perhaps nasty – habit of playfully dying at the lace or frills of a lady’s dress.”

Edward Murphy, lodge-keeper to General Thackwell, of Aghada Hall, was injured by being shot while the general and a party of guests were snipe-shooting over the bogs at Ballymacandrick, Co. Cork.

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