Peter Pence – Rome, April 1886

The majority of the Roman postings are either events Mgr Henry O’Bryen was at, or things that were happening in Rome at the time. He  moved to Rome in 1873, and lived there until his death in 1895; “Mgr. O’Bryen had the spiritual care of all the Catholics of English tongue, and the Church of St. Andrea della Valle, parochial for the Piazza di Spagna and its neighbourhood, was that in which he heard confessions.”. He became a papal chaplain to Leo XIII (Cameriere Segreto Sopranumerario) in 1881, and also served as a papal ablegate.

from The Tablet Page 17, 10th April 1886 


pope in sala regia
Sala Regia

Yesterday, at the close of the weekly  sermon  delivered coram Sanctissimo, by the Apostolic Preacher, the Rector of the English College, in private audience of his Holiness, made offering of  £100 as Peter Pence from the Bishop of Southwark, being his lordship’s first contribution ; and received from the Pope his thanks and Apostolic Benediction for the Bishop, the clergy, and the faithful of that diocese.

He also presented to the Holy Father a copy of the Leaves from St. Augustine, by Miss Mary H. Allies, in which volume the Pope was greatly interested, making numerous inquiries and listening with pleased attention to the explanation given by Mgr. O’Callaghan ; whom he charged to convey the assurance of his paternal approbation and heartfelt blessing to the gifted authoress.

The English Sisters, known as the Poor Servants of the Mother of God, founded by the late Lady Georgiana Fullerton, have, with the special blessing of his Holiness, and at the express desire of the Cardinal Vicar, opened a House in Rome at 16, Via San Sebastianello, where on the Feast of the Annunciation they held an interesting re-union, presided over by Cardinal Parocchi, who, after the sermon—in English— delivered by Father Whitty, S.J., addressed the assembly in French, and gave Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Among those present were the Rectors of the English and Scots College, Mgr. Stonor ; Mgr. O’Bryen, the Guardian of the Irish Franciscans of St. Isidore ; Father Armellini, S.J. ; Fathers Cody and Carney, 0.S.B. ; Mr. A. G. Fullerton ; the Princess Piombino ; the Countess of Denbigh ; the Marchesa Serlupi ; the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, and many other guests, who at the close of the ceremony were presented to the Cardinal Vicar.

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