CONSUL FOR MONTENEGRO. The Bendigo Advertiser Monday December 30 1912

The Bendigo Advertiser Monday December 30 1912


Sir John Roper Parkington, whose name is often in the papers just now, is Consul General for Montenegro. He was the first representative of that State to be appointed in London, and speaking of this fact recently, he said a. friend who congratulated him upon the appointment made the remark, “Another £3000 or £4000 a year for you, Parkington. However, up to the present, Sir John has not seen anything of the extra thousands. The position is an honorary one, and. the Consul-General humorously complains that he is expected to pay the passage home of stranded Montenegrins. On one occasion one of them, finding the consul out announced his intention of waiting for him outside “If he does not come,” he remarked genially, “I shall shoot everyone in the house.” .He got his passage money all right, and the Consul-General’s family were very much relieved, when he departed. Sir John, who was born in 1845, is well-known in the City of London, for which, he is one of his Majesty’s Lieutenants.

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