October 18 1902 George Lynch – Carmela Lescher

This is a nicely complicated family wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harwood Lescher, the bride’s parents are both O’Bryen cousins. Mrs. Frank Harwood Lescher (nee Mary O’Connor Graham Grehan), is Celia O’Bryen’s niece. She is the eldest daughter of Patrick Grehan III, Celia’s brother. Frank Harwood Lescher is the son of Joseph Sidney Lescher, whose sister Harriet Lescher is the second wife of Patrick Grehan Junior, so he is Celia O’Bryen’s step-mother’s nephew.

So the O’Bryen boys are all first cousins of the bride’s mother, and first cousins once removed of the bride’s father. This makes (Thomas )Edward, (Frank) Graham, (Mary) Carmela , and (Mercedes) Adela Lescher all second cousins

St James, Spanish Place

On Saturday, October 18, the marriage was celebrated at St. James’s, Spanish-place, between Mary Carmela Lescher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harwood Lescher, of 31, Devonshire-place, and George Lynch, the well-known war and special correspondent, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. George Lynch, Mount Verdon, Cork. The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. Wilfrid Lescher, 0.P., uncle of the bride. The Very Rev. Canon Gildea, rector of St. James’s, assisted. The Rev. F. Pius Cavanagh, 0.P., was present. The nuptial Mass was said by the Rev. H. Laughton; Master Graham Lescher, brother of the bride, served at the altar. After the Mass, the Rev. Wilfrid Lescher announced that the Papal Blessing had been received from Rome, and, addressing the happy couple, he said that they had received the blessings of the Church’s rite, to which he was happy to add the special Benediction of Pope Leo XIII., who sent it to them most lovingly. He wished to express further the good wishes of all present. When the angel Raphael had conducted Tobias to a happy marriage, he enjoined him to declare the works of God. It was fitting the same should be done now. They had been led to choose each other. That choice was a great act in their lives. The sacramental grace which ratified it was a great gift from God. They ought to honour God and express gratitude for such a gift. Might the joy of this day grow and last and become a state of persevering fidelity till it was crowned by the reward prepared in heaven for promises fulfilled.

st-james-spanish-place interior
St James, Spanish Place

The Church of St. James’s is a fine one, and on this occasion its beauties were well brought out by the artistic decoration. The choir sang during the Mass with its usual devotional and touching effect, under the direction of the Rev. Father Sankey. The bride wore a dress of white satin duchesse, draped with beautiful Carrickmacross applique; a graceful court train was composed of panne, lined with billowy chiffon. The two grown-up bridesmaids, Miss Mercedes Lescher, sister to the bride, and Miss Rosie Lynch, sister to the bridegroom, were dressed in soft white satin with Puritan capes of fine lace delicately embroidered in blues and greens; they wore black picture hats and carried bouquets of pink roses.

Two dainty little girls, Miss Rosalind Lescher, cousin to the bride, and Miss Laura Ball, in white satin, Kate Greenaway frocks, and large Hack hats, attended. They were escorted by two pages, Master Bernard Nugent and Master Jack Ball, in black velvet with lace collars. Later, there was a reception at 31, Devonshire-place, and the bridal presents were displayed.

The guests numbered over 200. The bride went away in a vieux rose coloured cloth gown with which was worn a handsome set of sables, and the picturesque costume was completed by a black Gainsborough hat.

Among the presents were: From the bride to bridegroom, pearl pin and walking stick; from the bridegroom to bride, diamond ring, pearl bracelet, and Chinese embroideries ; the Hon. Mrs. Petre, writing case ; Mr. and Mrs. Lynch, silver tea and coffee set ; Mr. Lynch, cheque and watch chain ; Miss Mercedes Lescher, sable muff; Lady Austin, Carrickmacross applique ; Rev. Wilfrid Lescher, portrait of the Pope; Mrs. J. Leeming, silver clock ; Sir Evelyn Wood, George III. punch ladle ; Mrs. Casella,(probably Edward Lescher’s mother in law) silver fruit dishes ; Mrs. F. Harwood Lescher, cheque and diamond ring ; Sir Donald and Lady Macfarlane, silver frame ; the Rev. P.A. O’Bryen, cheque ; Miss Clara Bagshawe, table centre ; Mr. and Mrs. C. Casella, silver match-box case  ; Mr. Rex O’Bryen, electric clock; Mr. and Mrs. Witham, silver salver ; Sir Joseph and Lady Walton, artistic frame ; Mr. Dalglish, book ; Mr. and Mrs. E. O’Bryen, silver vases ; Mr. and Mrs. E. Harding, cakestand, cream jug, and sugar basin ; Mr. and Mrs. Snead Cox, blotter and paper case ; Mr. and Mrs. A. O’Bryen, silver fish slice and fork ; Miss M. Bellasis, silver pepper box ; Miss Marie Hussey Walsh, silver frame ; Mr. and Mrs. J. Leeming, photo frame ; Mr. and Mrs. Pugin, table centre ; the Very Rev. Canon Gildea, book ; the Marchese and Marchesa Mattie, cheese and butter dish ; Lady Vavasour, Minton china dish.

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