The Roper Parkington’s Silver Wedding – June 1898

entrance_to_the_new_grafton_galleries_illustrated_london_news_25_february_1893_p-_248A SILVER WEDDING CELEBRATION.—The Grafton Galleries presented a brilliant appearance on Tuesday night (21st June – two days early)  on the occasion of a reception Major Roper Parkington, J.P., and Mrs. Roper Parkington gave to celebrate their silver wedding and their eldest daughter’s birth-day. Guests to the number of 360 were present, each receiving a very warm welcome from the host and hostess, who, in turn, received the hearty congratulations of their friends. Some charming music was contributed by Gottlieb’s Viennese orchestra. Among the entertainers were Signor Tito Mattei, Mr. H. Linwood, Mrs. Beatrice White, Miss Florence Venning, and Mr. Fred. Russell. An elegant supper was afterwards served by M. Benoist.

the_octagon_gallery_-_the_opening_of_the_new_grafton_galleries_graphic_25_february_1893_47-_184Among those present were Sir John Williams, Bart., Miss Roper Parkington, Alderman Sir Joseph Dimsdale and Lady Dimsdale, Mr. and Mrs. Hasslacher, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Bidwell, Mr. and Mrs. H. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. E. Cary-Elwes, Captain Windsor Cary-Elwes, General Smith and Miss Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Maroy, Baron de Bush, General Blake, Captain H. Lawrence, Major Benson, Mr. and Mrs. F. Tagart, Sir W. McCormac and Lady McCormac, Colonel Clifton Griffith, Colonel Gordon Watson and Mrs. Gordon Watson, Mr. and Mrs. F. Homer, Judge Bagshawe and Mrs. Bagshawe, General Law, C.B., Dr. Colman and Mrs. Colman, Sir Albert Rollit, M.P., Mr. and Mrs. Kenric B. Murray, Dr. and Mrs. Snape, Mr. and Mrs. Agius, Alderman Sir Joseph Renals, Bart., and Lady Renals, Mr. E. Bird, J.P., Sir Donald Macfarlane and Lady Macfarlane, Mr. and Mrs. Pfungst, Alderman Sir David Evans and Lady Evans, Mr. and Mrs. A. Radford, Mr. Alderman Bell and Mrs. Bell, Dr. Dundas Grant and Mrs. Grant, Mr. S. Pope, Q.C., Mr. J. Bailey, M.P., and Mrs. Bailey, Major Isaacs, Mr. and Mrs. Cremieux Javal, Dr. Radcliffe Crocker and Mrs. Crocker, the Rev. Dr. Ker Gray, Commander Smith, General Young, C.B., Major Worthington, Captain Sanders, Captain Burgess, Major Burgess and Mrs. Burgess, the-long-gallery-the-grafton-galleriesThe O’Clery, Mr. Owen Lankester, Mr. Gabriel Lindo, Dr. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Pugin, Sir Henry Cartwright and Lady Cartwright, Colonel Cowan and Mrs. Cowan, Colonel T. Davies Sewell and Mrs. Sewell, General Newton Barton and Mrs. Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Keetley, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blouet, Mr. and Mrs. C. Tagart, Alderman Sir James T. Ritchie, Mr. and Mrs. Burgoyne, Mr. and Mrs. Rose, Mr. Henry Kimber, M.P., Mr. Ernest Hatch, M.P., the Hon. E. Mansfield, Mr. R. Keating Clay, J.P., Dr. Ball and Mrs. Ball, Mr. and Mrs. Greenwell, Mr. and Mrs. Sims, Dr. Hedley and Mrs. Hedley, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Prince, Dr. Cantrell and Mrs. Cantrell, M. and Madame Testard, Dr. Seymour Taylor and Mrs. Taylor, Mr. A. Serina, Mr. and Mrs. Irminez, Dr. Percy Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Marino, and Mr. and Mrs. Gayford.

The above text was found on p.27, 25th June 1898  in “The Tablet: The International Catholic News Weekly.” Reproduced with kind permission of the Publisher. The Tablet can be found at .


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