The O’Mores of Ballina, County Kildare

The Genealogies contained in the Appendix refered to in the O’More of Laois post are titled “The O’Mores of Ballina, County Kildare and The O’Mores of Cremorgan and Raheenduff, Queens County.”

The main reasons for including the O’Mores is that Celia O’Bryen is the great, great,great, great, great, great, great, grand-daughter of Rory O’More, and Margaret Butler.

The appendix continues: Most references claim that Rory O’More the famous Confederate leader of 1641 was from Ballyna or Ballina, Kildare County.

The O’Mores of Ballina are descended from Callough, the youngest son of Rory caoch O’More, Chief of Leix, who was slain in 1545.

Callough O’More was granted Ballina in 1574.He died on the 27th March, 1618.By his wife Margaret daughter of Walter Scurlough, of Frayne, in the County Meath, he had two sons and two daughters, viz.:-

  1. Col. Rory (or Roger) O’More of Ballina, the famous Confederate leader of 1641.He died on the 16th February, 1655, leaving issue by his wife Jane, daughter of Sir Patrick Barnewall, Kt. of Turvey, two sons and four daughters, viz.:-
  • a. Col. Charles O’more, of Ballina killed at the Battle of Aughrim, Co. Galway, 12th July, 1691.He had no issue by his wife Margaret, daughter of Thomas FitzMaurice, 18th Lord Kerry and Lixnaw.He was succeeded at Ballina by his first cousin Anthony, son of his uncle, Col. Lewis O’More.
  • b. Connell O’more, died without issue, 20th November, 1653.
  • a. Anne, married Partrick Sarsfield, of Tullly, Co. Kildare, and was the mother of the famous Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan.
  • b. Elenor, married first Brian O’Kelly, of Cadamstown, County Kildare; and secondly Donnell mac Murrough Kavanaugh.
  • c. Mary, married Col. Trilough mac Henry O’Neill.
  • d. Elizabeth, married Christopher Beeling, of Killashee, County Kildare.

2.  Col. Lewis (or Lisagh) O’More, of whom presently.

3. Margaret, daughter of Callough O’More, married Thomas Plunkett, of Clonbreny, Co. Meath.

4. A daughter,daughter of Callough O’More, who married a FitzGerald of Ballagh, Co. Westmeath.

Col. Lewis O’More, of the Confederate Catholic Army, second son of Callough O’More, married Mary, daughter of Philip mac Hugh O’Reilly, by whom he had a son:-

Anthony O’More, of Ballina, first cousin and heir to Col. Rory O’More.By his wife Anne, daughter of Alexander Hope, of Mullingar, he had two sons and two daughters, viz:-
1.Lewis O’More of Ballina, of whom presently.

2.Roger O’More, who died in 1747; he married Elinor, daughter of William Wright, and had issue

  1. a. General Anthony O’More, of the Spanish Army.
  2. b. Anne, married to Robert Daly, of Caulfield.
  3. c. Mary, married Pacington Edgeworth, of Longwood.
  4. C.. Mary, married Captain Conor O’Reilly.
  5. D.. Catherine, the mother of General Manus O’Donnell, in the Austrian Service in 1772.

Lewis O’More, of Ballina, eldest son of Anthony O’More, died on the 13th February, 1737, aged 63. By his wife Alicia, daughter of Con O’Neill, he had issue, a son and a daughter, viz:-

  1. James O’More, of Ballina, of whom presently.

James O’More, of Ballina, son and heir of Lewis O’More, died on the 19th November, 1779 aged 77.By his wife Mary, daughter of Ambrose O’Madden, of Derryhoran, county Galway, he had an only daughter:-

  1. Letitia, of Ballina, who married Richard O’Ferrall.Her death took place in 1778, and her husband’s in 1790.From this couple are descended the More-O’Ferralls, now in Balina, who thus claim a direct descent from the ancient Chiefs of Leix.

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