Dalglish- Maxwell-Scott wedding 1897

I came across this a couple of years ago when I was tracking down a whole bunch of family weddings. It really just came across as a very grand society wedding. But rather pleasingly, the groom’s step-father is a Lescher cousin. But it’s all madly posh

Church of the Sacred Heart, Wimbledon


The marriage of Mr. Alexander Augustus Dalglish, eldest son of the late Mr. J. Campsie Dalglish, of Wandara, Goulburn, New South Wales, with Miss Mary Josephine Maxwell-Scott, daughter of the Hon. J. and Mrs. Maxwell-Scott, of Abbotsford, Melrose, N.B., and great-great-granddaughter of the novelist and poet, was celebrated on Tuesday forenoon at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Wimbledon. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Father William Kerr, S.J. [First cousin once removed of the bride] The bridegroom was attended by Mr. Ralph Kerr as best man. There were eight bridesmaids : Miss Elsie and Miss Daisy Maxwell-Scott, sisters of the bride ; Miss Dalglish, Miss Dorothy Dalglish, the Hon. Gwendolen Maxwell, Miss Marcia Maxwell-Stuart, Miss Ida Bellingham, and Miss Cecile Kerr. The bridegroom’s gifts to them were pearl and turquoise heart brooches. The nuptial ceremony was followed by Mass, Father Kerr being the celebrant. At the offertory Gounod’s Ave Maria was sung with violin accompaniment. The bridal couple had the happiness of receiving the Papal Blessing. Breakfast was served at Germistoun, Wimbledon Common, the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Rudd, and during the afternoon the newly-married pair left for Arundel Castle, placed at their disposal by the Duke of Norfolk.

Arundel Castle

Among the presents were : From the bridegroom, diamond and pearl pendant brooch ; the bride’s parents, diamond, ruby, and pearl necklace ; the bride’s brothers and sisters, the Border Edition of the Waverley Novels ; Mrs. Dalglish Bellasis,[groom’s mother] diamond star ; the Duke of Norfolk,[bride’s uncle] diamond necklace ; the Ladies Mary and Margaret Howard,[bride’s aunts] diamond and sapphire bracelet ; Lord and Lady Edmund Talbot,[bride’s uncle and aunt] enamel and moonstone bracelet ; the Marquis of Bute, diamond ring ; the Marchioness of Bute [bride’s second cousin], antique lace ; Lord and Lady Herries, [bride’s second cousin.Their daughter Gwendolen Maxwell became the 15th Duchess of Norfolk  in 1904, marrying her first cousin once-removed] Russia leather travelling bag, with ivory and silver fittings ; Mr. Walter Maxwell-Scott, silver buckle ; Mr. Michael Maxwell-Scott, R.N., Maltese lace ; the servants of Abbotsford, torquoise chain bracelet and gold pencil case ; Mr. and Mrs. James Hope, pearl and diamond crescent ; besides gifts from the Countess of Yarborough, the Countess of Powis, and many others.

The above text was found on p.27, 25th September 1897 in “The Tablet: The International Catholic News Weekly.” Reproduced with kind permission of the Publisher. The Tablet can be found at http://www.thetablet.co.uk .

The Catholic Union of Great Britain. A.G.M.1912

Church Hall, Farm Street W.1

The annual general meeting of the Catholic Union was held on the afternoon of Friday, the 28th ult., in the Hall, 114, Mount Street, W, the Duke of Norfolk, president, being in the chair. There was a good attendance of members. The annual report was read by the Secretary, and, in moving its adoption, the Duke of Norfolk dwelt on the various topics dealt with in it, and especially urged the members of the Union to attend in as large numbers as possible the forthcoming Catholic Congress at Norwich. The adoption of the report was seconded by Mr. Hornyold, who observed that, in addition to the matters mentioned in it, important confidential business had been transacted which it was not desirable to set forth.

Henry Fitzalan Howard 15th Duke of Norfolk

After some remarks by Sir Westby Perceval, Sir J. Roper Parkington, the Mayor of Barrow-in-Furness, and Mr. Stuart Coats, the President observed that, from the first, the Union had been careful not to trench upon the spheres of other Catholic organisations while desiring to work in harmony with them, and stated that the Council would at any time welcome suggestions from members for increasing and extending the usefulness of the Society. Mr E.T. Agius drew attention to the Eucharistic Congress to be held at Malta next year, and hoped that an English Committee would be formed in aid of it. The proceedings closed with a vote thanking the Earl of Denbigh and Sir John Knill for their services as treasurers during the past year and re-electing them, and with a similar vote in respect of the auditors, Mr. F. Harwood Lescher and Mr. A. M. Colgan.

The above text was found on p.13, 6th July 1912 in “The Tablet: The International Catholic News Weekly.” Reproduced with kind permission of the Publisher. The Tablet can be found at http://www.thetablet.co.uk .

This time it’s a GG Grandpa, and a 1st cousin (by marriage) 3 times removed..