Sir Josh has an accident 1841

We regret to have to announce that Sir Joshua Walmsley is at present confined to Wavertree-hall by an accident of rather a peculiar character. We understand that he had been travelling for some considerable distance on Sunday last, by railway to Liverpool, and that on getting out of the carriage, after it had arrived at its destination he found his right leg much stiffened by the length of time he had been sitting. Almost immediately after he had placed it on the ground, two of the muscles close to the knee suddenly broke, and rendered him unable to walk home. Medical assistance was speedily rendered, and the necessary remedies applied, but, up to the present time, he is obliged to have the leg in a sling, and to be assisted in moving about the house. It will surprise many of our readers to learn that Sir Joshua is about to leave Liverpool almost immediately, and to take up his permanent residence in Staffordshire. We understand he has come to this determination within the last few days. He will, however, still continue to carry on his mercantile business in Liverpool as usual, and will occasionally return to superintend the concerns of the house with which he is connected.-

from the Liverpool Mail, reprinted in The Times, September 11, 1841

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