STEPHEN REDINGTON ROCHE, of Rye Hill, co. Galway, Granagh Castle, co. Kilkenny, and Moyvanine, co.’Limerick, J.P. co. Galway, b. 14 Nov. 1859 ; m. I Aug. 1903, Lily, youngest dau. of the late George Roche. Washington Brasier-Creagh, of Creagh Castle, Doneraile, and Woodville, Buttevant, co. Cork (see that family).

Lineage. JOHN ROCHE, of Castletown Roche, was a member of the Catholic Parliament or Council held at Kilkenny during the Civil War, and his name appears as such to the declaration of the Irish Roman Catholics, 1641. His eldest son, ROBERT ROCHE, m. Juliana O’Moore, dau. of Alexander O’Moore, and was s. by his eldest son, STEPHEN ROCHE, known by the designation of Dov or Black, from his complexion, whose estate, already injured by composition in the time of CROMWELL, was entirely forfeited under WILLIAM III.

Compelled in consequence to leave co. Cork, he retired to Kilrush, co. Clare, and afterwards took up his abode at Pallas, co. Limerick, in the vicinity of his brother-in-law, William Apjohn. He m, Anastasia, elder dau. and co-heir (with her sister Catherine, who m. William Apjohn) of Thomas Lysaght, and was s. by his son,

JOHN ROCHE, b. 1688 ; m. Anne, youngest dau. of Philip Stackpole, of Mount Cashel, Kilneen, and Kilcoman, co. Clare, and had, with other issue,

1. STEPHEN, his heir.

2. John, m. Miss Harold, cousin of Gen. Harold, of the Saxon service, and had a dau., Mary Anne, m. John Meade, of Limerick.

3. Philip, of Shannon View, co. Limerick, m. Margaret, dau. of John Kelly, of Limerick, and had issue,

I. John, m. Margaret, dau. of Charles’ Whyte, of Leixlip (see WHYTE of Louehbrickland) , and d.v.p., having had issue,

(1) Philip, of Donore, co. Kildare, m. the Hon. Anna Maria Plunkett, dau. of Randall, 1st Lord Dunsany, and by her (who m. zndly, 22 July, 1822, Admiral Ryder Burton, R.N., K.H., and d. 26 April, 1856) had issue,

1. John, Lieut.-Gen. late 2nd Life Guards, m. 3 April, 1869, Agnes Jane, dau. of James Mugford. He d.s.p.

1. Margaret Radaliana, m. 3 Nov. 1836, Thomas, 16th Lord Trimleston. She d. 4 Sept. 1872. He d. 4 Aug. 1879, and had issue (see BURKE’S Peerage). 

2. Anna Maria, m. 20 Nov. 1830, Thomas Oliver, 12th Lord Louth. She d. 18 Jan. 1878. He d. 26 June, 1849, leaving issue.

(2) Charles Whyte, of Ballygran, co. Limerick, m. his first cousin, Letitia, dau. of John Whyte, of Loughbrickland (see that family), and by her had issue,

i. Charles Philip, of Ballygran, Capt. Cavan Militia, b. 1819 ; m. 1861, his cousin, Louisa, dau. of Nicholas Charles Whyte, D.L., of Loughbrickland, Capt. R.N., and d. 10 Nov. 1871, having had issue,

a. Charles Hugh, b. 1863 ; d. unm. 1889.

b. Henry John, Lieut.-Col. Indian Army, b. 12 Aug. 1864.

c. Edward Richard, B.A., A.M.I.C.E., b. 1867.

d. Arthur, b. 1870 ; d. 1892.

a. Letitia Mary, m. 1886, J. Knox Wight, I.C.S.

b. Frances, m. 1899, R. Bodkin Mahon, F.R.C.S.E.

1. Letitia Maria, m. 18 Oct. 1842. Sir John Nugent, 3rd Bart., of Ballinlough, who d. 16 Feb. 1859, leaving issue (see BURKE’S Peerage).

2. Helena Maria, m. 1st, 1845, Richard Barnewall, of Bloomsbury, co. Meath, who d.s.p. 3 Feb. 1866. She m. 2ndly, Vicomte de Chasteigner.

(1) Margaret, m. John Therry, of Castle Therry, co. Cork, sometime Chairman of the Commissioners of Excise in Ireland.

(2) Anna, d. unm.

(3) Mary, m. 12 Oct. 1803, Major William Skerrett, of Finavara, co. Clare, and d. 1821, leaving issue (see that family).

(4) Helen, d. unm.

(5) Fanny, m. James Skerrett, of Carnacron, co. Galway.

(6) Letitia, m. 8 May, 1816, Thomas Kelly, of Shannon View, Limerick, and had issue (see KELLY of Rockstown Castle).

(7) Rose, d. young.

1 . Ellen, m. Peter Daly, of Cloncagh, co. Galway.

2. Mary, m. 15 July, 1783, George Ryan, of Inch, co. Tipperary, and had issue (see that family).

3. Margaret, m. July, 1787, Standish Barry, of Leamlara, and had issue (see that family).

1. Jane, m. John Sheehy, of Cork, and had a dau. m. Bryan Keating, by whom she was mother of General Keating.

2. Christiana, m. James Lombard, of co. Cork.

The eldest son,

STEPHEN ROCHE, b. 5 Dec. 1724 ; s. his father 1760. He m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Richard Meade, and had issue,

1. JOHN, his successor, one of the most eminent merchants in Dublin, who m. Mary, dau. of Thady Grehan, of that city but d.s.p. Sept. 1825.

2. Richard (Rev.), who d. 1805.

3. George, of Granagh Castle, co. Kilkenny, d.s.p.

1. Anne, m. Peter Long, of Waterford.

2. Mary, m. Peter Grehan, of Dublin, and has issue (see GREHAN of Clonmeen).

Stephen Roche m. 2ndly, Sarah, dau. and co-heir of John O’Brien, of Moyvanine and Clounties, co. Limerick, and by her (who d. 8 Nov. 1786) had issue,

4. STEPHEN, of Moyvanine and Clounties, m. Maria, dau. of John Moylan, of Cork, and had issue,

1. STEPHEN, of Rye Hill.

2. John.

1. Mary, a nun.

2. Sarah, m. Sir John Howley, Serjeant-at-Law, and d. 1856.

3. Anne.

4. Helena.

5. Harriet, m. Daniel Cronin.

5. Thomas, of Limerick, m. Helen, dau. of John Ankettle, and has issue,

1. Stephen, m. Catherine, dau. and co-heir of Christopher Knight, of co. Limerick.

2. John.

3. William, of Dublin, m. Eliza ; dau. and co-heir of Christopher Knight, of co. Limerick.

1. Helen, m. Daniel Ryan Kane, M.A., Q.C., Chairman of Quarter Sessions, E. R. co. Cork, and had issue.

2. Sarah.

6. James, of Cork, author of The Memoirs o/ an Octogenarian, m. Anne, dau. of John Moylan, by whom he left at his decease, two daus.,

1. Marianne.

2. Sarah, m. Collins.

7. William, M.P. for Limerick, m. the dau. of Dillon, and d. in Limerick 1850, having by her had issue,

with a younger son, Henry, d. young, an elder son, James, of Limerick and Great Yarmouth, an Officer of the Customs, m. Ellen, dau. of John Hogan, of Limerick, and had issue,

(1) William, b. in Limerick ; d. at Bury St. Edmunds.

(2) Henry, b. in Limerick ; d. at Great Yarmouth.

(3) James, of Detroit, U.S.A., b. n Feb. 1843; m. and has issue, a son and a dau., Helena Mary, m. 9 Feb. 1897, John Francis O’Brien.

(4) John, b. at Great Yarmouth ; d. in London.

(1) Anne.

(2) Julia, a nun at Skipton, Yorks.

(3) Helena. (4) Mary.

3. Sarah, m. Francis French, of Portcarran, co. Galway, who d.s.p.

4. Helen, m. Denis O’Meagher, of Kilmoyler, co. Tipperary, who is dec.

5. Anastasia, m. Edward O’Meagher, of Marl Hill, co. Tipperary.

Stephen Roche m. 3rdly, Mary Anne, dau. and co-heir of Richard Ankettle, M.D., but by her (who d. Dec. 1821) he had no issue.

He d. 12 Feb. 1804, and was s. by his grandson,

STEPHEN ROCHE, of Granagh Castle, co. Kilkenny, and Rye Hill, co. Galway, m. 1832, Eleanor, eldest dau. and co-heir of Thomas Redington, of Rye Hill, co. Galway, and by her (who d. 1891) had issue,

1 THOMAS REDINGTON, late of Rye Hill.

2. Stephen, d. unm. 1853.

1. Eleanor, d unm. 1855.

Mr. Roche d. 4 Sept. 1864, and was s. by his eldest son,

THOMAS REDINGTON ROCHE, of Rye Hill, co. Galway, Granagh Castle, co. Kilkenny, and Moyvanine, of Limerick, J.P. and D.L. High Sheriff co. Galway 1869, b. 14 July, 1837 ; m. 8 Sept. 1858, Jane Elizabeth, 5th dau. of Anthony Cliffe, of Bellevue, co.Wexford, and d. 10 May, 1900, leaving issue,

1. STEPHEN REDINGTON, now of Rye Hill.

2. Anthony, b. 16 April, 1862.

3. Thomas James, b. 25 July, 1863.

4. Charles, b. 16 Sept. 1867 ; d. 25 May, 1898.

5. George Philip, b. 21 Nov. 1869.

1. Eleanor Mary, a nun, d. 18 Aug. 1903.

2. Isabella Theresa.

3. Cecilia Jane, d. in infancy.

Seat Rye Hill, Athenry, co. Galway.

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