John Laverton Foreman 1833 – 1885

Emily Foreman marries John Gray on October 21st 1883 at St Philip’s Church Camberwell,when he is 63 and she is 25, and are both shown living at 746 Old Kent Road. George (Laverton) Foreman III, her brother, is one of the witnesses not John Laverton Foreman, Emily’s father.

St Mary's Redcliffe Bristol
St Mary’s Redcliffe Bristol

John Laverton Foreman was born in Bristol and baptised on 28 Apr 1833 at St Mary Redcliffe. So he is my great great grandfather. He is the son of George and Eliza Foreman.

He is the third son of nine children

    • George Foreman Jnr. b. 1827
    • Walter Foreman b.1829
    • Seleana Foreman b. 1833
    • John Laverton Foreman b.1834
    • Richard Foreman b. 1835
    • Josh Foreman b. 1837
    • Albert Foreman b. 1840
    • Alfred E Foreman b.1844
    • Sophia A Foreman b. 1847
St John the Evangelist, Lambeth

John Laverton Foreman married Catherine Montgomery on 26 Dec 1857 at St John the Evangelist, Lambeth. His father George Foreman was a wheelwright Her father Thomas Montgomery was a watch finisher, and watchmaker originally from Dublin.

His father George Foreman Snr was born in 1802,  and christened 9 May 1802 in Warminster, Wiltshire. His father was Immanuel Foreman, and his mother was called Mary. George was a wheelwright, from Warminster in Wiltshire. George married Eliza Laverton on 15 Dec 1825 at Holy Trinity, Frome, Somerset. Eliza Foreman was born in about 1804, in Shepton Mallet,Somerset. Eliza died between Oct and Dec 1860. They are my great great great grandparents.

Prior to their marriage Catherine is living with her parents in Shoreditch. In 1851 they are at 49 Mary Street, Shoreditch. Thomas Montgomery was born abt 1790 in Dublin. Ellen Montgomery seems to have been born in Liverpool in about 1791.

  • 1851 census
  • Thomas Montgomery 61 watch finisher
  • Ellen Montgomery 60.   Ellen was born in Liverpool.
  • Catharine Montgomery 19,  she is John Laverton Foreman’s first wife
  • Joseph Wilkes 26.  Joe is Tom’s son in law, and is a gun maker
  • Anna Wilkes 26.  Ann is Catherine’s sister
  • Joseph Wilkes 2.  Joseph Jnr is Catherine’s nephew
  • Emma Wilkes 3 months. Emma is Catherine’s niece
  • Matilda Burney 33.  Both Catherine and Anna are waistcoat makers as is Matilda.

Thomas has died by 1861, and Ellen then lives with JLF, and Catherine. In both 1861,and 1871, she is living with them.

In 1861, John L Foreman, 27, is living at17 White Place, Bermondsey, and working as a boilermaker in Hammersmith.  Catherine, 28, is working as a waistcoat maker, and in this census is shown as born in Liverpool; like her sister Anna. Ten years later, her birthplace is given once again as Dublin, which is what it was in 1851, and 1871. Emily aged 2 is living with them, and Catherine’s mother, aged 71 is also living with them.

By 1871, they have moved to 27 Mint Street, Bermondsey. John Foreman, aged 38, is shown as a smith in Hammersmith, born in Bristol. Catherine, aged 39, is still a waistcoat maker, but once again born in Dublin. They now have two children, Emily aged 12, and George (L) Foreman III, aged 9. Ellen Montgomery now aged 81, is still living with them.

Catherine has died somewhere between the 1871 and 1881 censuses, and JLF is living with 19 year old George  who is described as a Teacher (Unemployed  Schoolmaster), and Emily who is 22. They are living at 12 Darwin Street in Bermondsey, at the far end of, what is now, Tower Bridge Road. John describes himself as an iron smith, and widower. He is 48 years old.

John Laverton Foreman  remarries in 1883 on 11th  January as a 47 yo widower to Eliza Sparrow, 39 at St Mary Magdalene, Southwark. Her parents are witnesses. his father’s profession is a wheelwright, and her father Elijah Sparrow is a gardener.  Both are living at 12 Darwin Street, which just off the Old Kent Road, and Tower Bridge Road.

John dies between Oct and Dec 1885 aged 52 in Camberwell.

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