John Elworthy 1835 – 1887

John is the father of Rex Elworthy, and grandfather of Joanna, amongst many others.

Rex Elworthy aged about 12.
Rex Elworthy aged about 12.

John Elworthy (1835-1887) and William Henry Elworthy (1833-1912) were brothers. William Henry Elworthy went to Australia in 1863 with his wife Mary Amelia Elworthy (they were 2nd cousins)and child Mary (Minnie) (b.1862). 

John Elworthy left England for Australia in 1864, leaving behind his wife Sarah and  twin children John Tolley Elworthy (b.1863) and Sarah Evelyn (b.1863), he never visited them again before he died in 1887. He then married Elizabeth Pritchard in 1876 in Sydney. Apparently re-marriage after seven years of no contact with a previous wife was legal in Australia, I have no idea whether this is true. In English law, he would have been regarded as a bigamist.

William & John’s younger brother Edward 1840- ???? went to the USA (before 1861),lived in Buffalo City, New York State, joined the Unionist army as an artillery man in 1863, and then deserted in 1865.

William & John started logging together on the river Mary near Logan, Queensland,  and then moved to Gympie in 1870, to follow the gold rush. They failed to make a fortune in gold, though I do have some gold ore from John, but then started rearing beef at Imbil, Queensland, and in partnership with two brothers from Devon (Mellor Brothers who were butchers) sold beef to the gold prospectors in Gympie and made a considerable fortune.

Elizabeth returned to England with the children, and they all went to Cheltenham College, or Cheltenham Ladies College. She, and the girls, went back to Australia. The boys remained in England, though Arthur moved to Philadelphia.

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