Is there an O’Bryen-Bagshawe connection?

I have been struggling with this for a while. There are some hints that there is some connection between the Bagshawes and the O’Bryens, it is difficult to work out what it is. It is probably a useful little piece of the jigsaw, and may explain a little more clearly where the O’Bryens come from.

In Philip O’Bryen’s obituary in the Tablet, they say he “ was a cousin of Archbishop Bagshawe,”,  and in “Found Worthy -A Biographical Dictionary of the Secular Clergy of the Archdiocese of Liverpool (Deceased), 1850-2000″  by Brian Plumb,  published by the North West Catholic History Society, Wigan, 2005.  He describes both Monsignor Henry O’Bryen, D.D., and Father Phil, as  a nephew of +E.G. Bagshawe, Nottingham,”. 

The description of “cousin”, is probably closer to the truth, and not necessarily particularly close cousins at that.

The nephew description seems to be wrong, at least on the part of Philip. He and Henry are half-brothers, with a twenty-six age gap between the two of them, and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of link between the Bagshawes on either the O’Bryen side of the family, or on the Grehans – Philip’s mother’s family. Nor does there seem to be any connection from uncles and aunts by marriage.

Henry’s mother was Elizabeth (Eliza) Henderson, born in 1805 – with the description of her birthplace as – “America-British subject.”. So the connection might be there…..



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