Great great Granny gets a picture.

Her Majesty the Queen of Montenegro has forwarded officially a signed photograph to Lady Roper Parkington, in recognition and appreciation of the services she, as Hon. Treasurer, has rendered to the Montenegrin Red Cross and Relief Fund.

The above text was found on p.29,4th August 1917 in “The Tablet: The International Catholic News Weekly.” Reproduced with kind permission of the Publisher. The Tablet can be found at .

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  1. Hi there, and thank you for all the interesting stuff on your blog. I’m currently researching Princess Ksenia (1881-1960) of the Montenegrin royal family and was recently at the Montenegro National Archives reading some of the Princess’ letters which mentioned Lady Parkington and included some of her correspondence. I’m trying to find out more about Lady Parkington and wondered if you could help? (I tried sending this using your private contact form but couldn’t get it to work, so apologies for writing in a comments box!). Thanks a lot for any information you can help with

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