Celia O’Bryen 1830 – 1901

Celia Mary GREHAN was born 1830 in Preston, Lancashire, and died 14 Oct 1901 in Lancaster.  She married John Roche O’BRYEN (1810 – 1870) on the 1st Oct 1857 in Mount Plunkett, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. 

Philip, Celia, and Alfred O'Bryen
Celia O’Bryen

They have the following children:

Alfred Charles O’BRYEN, 1859 – 1942  born in Liverpool

Mary Evelyn O’BRYEN,1858 – 1916 born in Liverpool

Philip Augustus O’BRYEN, 1861 – 1913 born in London

Walter Mary O’BRYEN, 1862 – 1871 born in London

Ernest Adolphus O’BRYEN, 1865 -1919 born in London

Edward Reginald O’BRYEN, 1867 – 1928 born in London.  

Her father Patrick GREHAN Junior was born 1791 in Ireland, and died 1853 in Clifton, Bristol, but described as “of Worth Hall, Sussex”.  He married (1) Catherine MECHAM in 1817, the daughter of George MECHAM and Catherine HODSON.  She was born 1792 in Ireland, and died before 1836.  He married (2) Harriet LESCHER 16 Aug 1836 in Brighton, Sussex, daughter of William LESCHER and Mary COPP.  She was born 1809 in London, and died 1877 in Hampstead, London. The children of Patrick and Catherine GREHAN are:

Patrick GREHAN III, born 1818 in Ireland; died 1877 in Hampstead, London.

Joseph Maunsel GREHAN, born 1828 in Ireland; died 1860 in Newington.

Celia Mary GREHAN, born 1830 in Preston; died 1901 in Lancaster.

Child of Patrick and Harriet GREHAN is:

Joseph Ignatius GREHAN, born 1837 in Brighton, Sussex.  He married Mary Josephine KELLY 1868 in Wolverhampton.

His father Patrick GREHAN  Senior was born 1756 in Dublin, Ireland, and died 1832 in Dublin, Ireland.  He married Judith MOORE, daughter of Edward MOORE.  Their children are:

Jane GREHAN 1782 – died Unknown 

Edward (GRAHAM) GREHAN 1789 – 1852

Patrick GREHAN Junior 1791- 1853

Patrick’s father is Thady GREHAN who was born 1722 in Dublin, Ireland, and died 1792.  He married (1) Christian [?].    He married (2) Margaret [?] 1755. 

Child of Thady GREHAN and Christian [?] is:

Peter GREHAN, born 1749. He married Mary ROCHE, daughter of Stephen ROCHE and Margaret MEADE. ( http://tinyurl.com/o9o9m45 ) who are the parents of Stephen GREHAN. 1776 -1871. Stephen Grehan is one of the main beneficiaries of his uncle John Roche’s will, and are documented elsewhere as the “Grehans of Clonmeen”

 Children of Thady GREHAN and Margaret [?] are:

Patrick GREHAN, born 1756 in Dublin, Ireland; died 1832 in Dublin, Ireland.

Andrew GREHAN, born 1757 in Dublin, Ireland.

Mary GREHAN.  She married John ROCHE; died in 1825 without issue. John Roche is the son of Stephen Roche by his first marriage to Margaret Meade. His  sister, Mary, also the daughter of Stephen Roche by his first marriage to Margaret Meade, married Peter Grehan, son of Thady Grehan by his first marriage to Christian [?].

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