Catholic Federation at Hampstead April 1909

The Tablet Page 37, 3rd April 1909

CATHOLIC FEDERATION AT HAMPSTEAD.—The Catholic Federation has entered upon a vigorous campaign of public meetings. The Borough of Hampstead Branch combines five parishes. At the Town Hall on Monday evening it held a meeting to hear the annual report, and to pass a resolution on the Catholic Disabilities Bill now before Parliament. After a short programme of music had been executed, Mr. Charles Munich, K.S.G., took the chair. He reviewed the work of the year, explained the central object of the Federation, the chief work of which was organisation so that every Catholic might be placed on the register of voters, and the full Catholic vote made available at any time for the defence of Catholic interests. Lord Edmund Talbot, M.P. moved the first resolution, pledging the meeting “to support the Bill now before Parliament for the removal of Roman Catholic Disabilities, and the amendment of the Declaration made by the Sovereign on Accession to the Throne ” and calling upon the Government “to facilitate the passing of such Bill.” He eulogised Mr. William Redmond and the Irish party for their action, doubted whether the Bill would survive Committee, hoped the Government would give fuller facilities, distinguishing between the Declaration and the Coronation Oath, and said, with warmth of emphasis, that if these obsolete relics of the past were not effaced, there ought to be no rot and humbug, no more talk of liberty and toleration, in an insolent and narrow-minded country. Father Robert Bracey, 0.P., seconded, and Mr. Lister Drummond supported, the resolution, which was carried unanimously. Mr. Charles J. Matthew moved, and Mr. W. J. Fitzgerald seconded, a resolution pledging the meeting “to do all in its power to carry out the aims of the Federation and make it a real living organisation in the Borough of Hampstead.”

On the platform, in addition to the speakers, were Father Leather, 0.P., Fathers Fitzgerald, Walsh, Barton, and Keating, and Messrs. Mara, Bellord, Ryan, O’Bryen, Thornton, McCarthy, Barry, Gutrin, Howard, Cooper, and Stuart.

The hall was full and the meeting enthusiastic.

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