Cassar – Agius, 23rd Jan 1900.

The marriage of Professor S. Cassar, M.D., with Inez, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Agius, of Belsize Grove, Hampstead, London, took place at the Church of St. Ignatius of the Jesuits’ College, Valetta, Malta, on Tuesday the 23rd ult. The Rev. Father Ambrose Agius, 0.S.B., uncle of the bride, celebrated the Nuptial Mass and officiated, assisted by the Very Rev. Father Kenny, Rector of the College, and an appropriate address was delivered by Father Agius. The Holy Father sent a special Blessing to the couple on an illuminated parchment scroll, signed by Cardinal Rampolla. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a gown of rich white satin, with a train from the shoulders of white striped brocade, lined with satin and chiffon, adorned with ruches of soft silk—some beautiful Honiton lace was arranged fichu-fashion on bodice, and caught up at the side with a bunch of real orange blossoms. Her veil was composed of net, edged with lace, while her jewels were pearls and diamond-stars, given by the bridegroom, together with a lovely bouquet of white roses and orange blossoms.

There were four bridesmaids—Miss Marie Agius, sister of the bride, and the Misses Muscat, Mifsud and Cassar, cousins of the bride. They wore white muslin and lace with pink fringed sashes, white chiffon picture bats, and pink roses to match. They carried baskets of pink geraniums which, with gold bangles, were presented by the bridegroom. The sister of the bride, Miss Marie Agius, was picturesquely dressed in pink Oriental satin and hat to match. The bridegroom was attended by Mr. Joseph L. Galizia, M.D. After the ceremony, a reception was held by Mr. and Mrs. Ed. T. Agius at ” Capua Palace,” Sliema, kindly lent by Marchese A. Mattei, LL.D., the guests numbering over 300.

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  1. Thanks for posting this , Will. (You’ve been busy on here the last few days!)
    Inez was the first of Ed T Agius’s 15 children to marry and 1 of the 3 weddings to take place in Malta rather than Hampstead (Inez, Mabel and Laura’s 2nd marriage). The Tablet is wrong in placing the church in Valletta, it was actually at the Jesuit College in St Julians not far from Capua Palace in Sliema where the reception was held. The Malta residence of Ed T Agius’s friend Marchese Alfred Mattei who was a leading Catholic Barrister in London and Papal Chamberlain at the same time as ETA. We have a number of photos of the event.. ETA and Inez arriving at the church , an immediate family group and another very large group that has most of those 300 guests in!

    And , as you know, Fr Ambrose went on to be Archbishop (of Palmyra) and Apostolic Delegate in Manila 1904-1911 .

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